Crafting A Winning Expository Essay Examples On Bullying

Bullying or ragging is, essentially, the act of mentally or physically torturing another person, either for purely sadistic motives or other such incentives that might benefit the bully himself or herself. It has emerged as one of the most important social maladies of our time. The government as well as many individual school and college bodies have taken stern and strict measures to try and eradicate the problem.

Understanding the problem

The first and foremost step to eradicate the problem is to understand what constitutes the problem. As per generally accepted definitions, bullying is composed of:

  • The act of coercing another person to do or say something without his or her consent.
  • The motives behind these acts are not relevant and should not be used to justify the actions of the offenders.
  • If a third person witnesses the crime being committed and chooses to remain silent still, he or she is also likely to be held culpable.
  • The victim is not bound to prove his or her innocence. The responsibility of providing substantial proof to ensure his or her innocence is to be provided by the accused. He or she will be considered guilty, unless proven otherwise.

Undertaking a humane approach

The topic, needless to say, is a very sensitive one and, as such, must be dealt with the utmost level of care and alertness. While writing an essay on the topic, the student should try and undertake a more humane approach to the topic. He or she should try to empathise with the victims and try to understand the level of physical or mental trauma that one has to undergo when faced with such situations.

Student should showcase empathy

In the essay, students must make it a point that their empathetic mind set gets across to the one who will be correcting the paper. Students must show effort and innovation in dealing with these matters and may also prescribe many ways to deal with similar situations, including setting up of probe committees, anti-bullying cells in schools and colleges, mental and physical treatment of the victims, among other such options.

Keeping the topic in mind

The student should always keep in mind that the very purpose of writing a piece on a sensitive topic like bullying is to come up with a fresh take on the matter and give valuable and new insight into it. Instead of being sympathetic, they should be empathetic and try to come up with effective solutions.

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