A Collection Of Unique Persuasive Argumentative Essay Topics

Choosing the right topic for your argumentative essay can take you nearly halfway to success. This type of paper deals mostly with thorny and ambiguous issues that leave enough place for discussion and don’t have any fixed answers that should be clearly obvious from your topic. A good topic isn’t only interesting and up-to-date – it’s also provocative to a certain degree and hooks the attention of your audience, making them willing to read further.

Top 15 Ideas for Your Argumentative Essay

  1. Humor is the most effective way to fight stress.
  2. Arranged marriages should be banned.
  3. Big cities should offer free public Wi-Fi.
  4. A home education can be more effective than a public education.
  5. Children shouldn’t be taught manners from an early age.
  6. An office dress code is a thing of past.
  7. Sports activities should become mandatory.
  8. Students shouldn’t be forced to wear uniforms.
  9. Playing violent video games doesn’t cause real violence.
  10. A system of grades is ineffective for measuring students’ intelligence.
  11. Marijuana should be legalized for medical purposes.
  12. Facebook provides students with more uses than harmful effects.
  13. Who deserves the title of the most effective president of the US?
  14. What are the most important disciplines in a modern society?
  15. Standardized tests provide only a little bit of reliable information.

Tips on Creating an Effective Essay Topic

  • Select a topical issue for studying.
  • People are always more interested in reading about the problems they may encounter in everyday life than about an abstract topic.

  • Make sure that you have enough supporting evidence.
  • It’s essential to perform thorough research on the selected topic before making your final decision. As this type of paper requires a remarkable amount of supporting evidence to prove your point of view, you must check if you are capable of obtaining it.

  • Formulate your topic concisely.
  • Your topic must be formulated in a way that is both catchy and reader-friendly. It shouldn’t have any double meanings that may puzzle your audience.

  • Check whether your topic corresponds with the course purpose.
  • In addition to matching your own academic interests, the chosen topic should suit the main direction of the studied course. Otherwise, your essay may seem quite useless even if written properly.

  • Prepare to slightly change your topic while writing.
  • As your ideas will develop in the process of collecting data, you should be able to adjust your topic accordingly and express it in a more exact way.

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